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Next BDE Courses

Day Courses 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m.

Type Start date End date
Weekends Sat. Dec. 10 Sun. Dec. 18
Boxing Week Tue. Dec. 27 Fri. Dec. 30
New Year Tue. Jan. 3 Fri. Jan. 6
Weekends Sat. Jan. 14 Sun. Jan. 22
Weekends Sat. Jan. 28 Sun. Feb. 5

Flex start: Car sessions now, choose classes later.

More Dates

Value $555 and up*

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• 20 hours classroom
• 10 hours in-car
• Mock road test
• Textbook
• CAA membership
• Insurance discounts

Best for students using own car for test.

*$15 Ontario certification fee not included. Dec. 10 class. Others higher.


Plus $699.99*

• 20 hours classroom
• 11 hours in-car
• Mock road test
• iPass car for test
• Textbook
• CAA membership
• Insurance discounts

Best for students needing car for test.

*$15 Ontario certification fee not included.


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From G2 $210 G $230

• 3-5 hours in-car review
• Mock road test
• iPass car for road test
• For non-iPass students
• No insurance discounts

Best for candidates who need a car for road test.

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A course preview

The CAA How to Drive curriculum includes a full series of audio/video materials, making learning much easier.

More about the program

Focus on the Road

Be a responsible parent! You don't always have to know where they are. Sign a parent-teen agreement.

Parent-Teen Agreement

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Drivers and cyclists face a $150-$500 fine and 3 demerit points for not stopping and wait for pedestrians to set foot on the sidewalk at crossovers and school crossings. The rule does not include intersection crossings unless marked by a crossover sign or directed by a crossing guard.

School zone speed limit

Contrary to popular belief, there is no particular lower speed limits unless otherwise posted at Ontario's school zones. If a school fronts onto a posted 90 km/h road, the speed limit is still 90. Glad to see some London school zones have recently been lowered to 40 km/h.

Move over for tow trucks

Drivers who don’t slow down and move over one full lane for tow trucks stopped at the side of the road with amber lights flashing will face a minimum $490 fine and 3 demerit points on conviction.

Drug testing is coming

Drivers using drugs will face the following penalties:
• A $180 fine
• Immediate licence suspension of three to 30 days upon failure of a roadside sobriety test; and more...

Cell phone use can mean suspension

Drivers convicted with distracted driving now face a minimum fine of $490 and 3 demerit points. G1 and G2 drivers caught using their cell phones while driving will also face a 30-day minimum licence suspension. Even using the phone while stopping at the traffic light is not allowed.

Safety for cyclists

Drivers are required by law to keep a minimum distance of one metre (where possible) when passing a cyclist. If a driver passes closer than one metre, there is a $110 fine. People convicted of “dooring,” the act of opening the door of a parked vehicle in the path of a cyclist or other traffic, face a minimum $365 fine and 3 demerit points.

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