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Value $539.99*

20 hours classroom
10 hours in-car
Mock road test
Insurance discounts

Best for students with access to parent's car

Plus $649.99*

Most popular!

• All of Value package
11 hours in-car
iPass car for test

Best for students with no access to parent's car

Intensive $914.99*

• All of Plus package
16 hours in-car

Best for students needing extra lessons.

Premium $1,074.99*

• All of Intensive package
20 hours in-car

Best for students needing a lot of help.

*$15 certification fee included


iPass Driving School Beginner Drivers

Learn to drive with confidence and be comfortable behind the wheel. iPass Driving School, a AAA-Approved Driving School serving London and surrounding areas, is committed to teaching beginner drivers the skills they need to navigate the road safely and securely.

Course Information

The Ministry of Transportation-Approved AAA How To Drive beginner's course includes a total of 40 hours of training:

  • 20 hours of classroom sessions
  • 10 hours in-car training
  • 10 hours of homelink assignments
  • Mid-term and final written exams
  • In-car mock exam
  • Optional use of the instructor's car for the provincial road test

Candidates are required to complete all classroom modules, in-car sessions and homelink assignments and to achieve a final grade of 75 per cent in both classroom and in-car exams before obtaining certification.


The biggest benefits of this program is producing a safe and confident driver, with the ability to assess and manage risks on the roadways. Of course there are other advantages:

Getting your G2 sooner
  • iPass graduates will be registered with the Ministry of Transportation, enabling them to take the G2 road test four months earlier!
Potential insurance savings
  • The Driver’s Licence History, issued by the Ministry of Transportation, is recognized by the insurance industry. iPass graduates may be eligible for discounted insurance premiums.

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